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"Her performance was prepared and showed commitment. She was present with her scene partner. The physical and vocal choices she made playing Emma supported the scene and character. She had a lovely use of silences; she played the text and subtext through the use of tactics. She had lovely moments of discovery in the performance. Excellent work! 10/10" 
- Samantha Wilson (Dalhousie's Fountain School of Performing Arts Instructor)
"I had the great pleasure of working with Amelia on Eastlink TV show The Motherload (Clerisy Entertainment) I would definitely reccomend her as a solid professional actor!" 
- MJ Miller (The Motherload Director/Host)
"Amelia is a wonderful and talented young actress, who is always ready and willing to fulfil her role the best she can. She is so great to work with, she always has a positive attitude and an energized, bubbly personality. She brought a lot to the table for my NSCC Screen Arts Production, I Can Do This; from making creative and unique props, to truly bringing our character to life. I loved having her on set, she is kind hearted and super easy to get along with and she is super fun to have around. Her ideas are very intriguing and she’s always willing to help, no matter what the job may be. I absolutely adored her open mind and her preparation for her role. I would love to get a chance to work alongside her again!"
- Lizzy Brown (Director on I Can Do This)
"I have had the pleasure to work with Amelia on multiple projects over the past year [2020/21]. She's a true professional who is always prepared and a joy to work with. Her improv skills and comedic timing have been spot on. I hope to work with her again." 
- Darrell Nogler (Halifax Homicide, Scare, Alter Ego, Battle Royal, and Haunted by the Void costar. Feudal, background. I'll Miss Him, boom operator)
"Amelia is always such a delight to coach! She is focused, prepared, and hard-working. She has a million things on her plate and is still able to give 100% to all of them. Her capacity for empathy shines in every character analysis and makes her so pleasant to work with. She takes direction with ease and is a selfless scene partner, highly recommend working with this bundle of light!" 
- Jessica Clement (Acting Coach)
"Amelia is a pleasure to work with. She is talented, professional, prepared and an overall joy to be around. I look forward to working on set with her in the future."
 - Andrea Cabañas (Makeup Key on The Motherload and Sugar High)
"Great to work with!! Super professional. Looking forward to working together again in the future."
- Jacob Stickles (Flesh of my Flesh costar)
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