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"I have had the pleasure of working on a number of graphic designs with Amelia, from some of my first logos, to some more recent heavier duty designs as I grow alongside Amelia and her work.

She has had awesome patience and passion from start to finish, not quitting until the finished product would be exactly what I had hoped, or more. I do foresee this being a huge asset in her work for many areas, including acting, design, marketing, and whatever other genre that has the pleasure of her ethic in the future.

Amelia is a driven young woman that does not care about weekends. Every day is a day to work on what she loves, and every day it seems like she considers this less work than just what she considers to be the life she desires. In my opinion a very strong sign of things to come...

Very proud to be working alongside her, and excited to see where life takes both her and our partnership. Go get it Amelia!"
- Tristan Roberts (Owner and Operator at Catcore Atlantic Inc.)

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